Training & Workshops

Disability awareness training and workshops for organisations, employers and training providers

Working with the London-based Global Skills Centre ( and several private sector partners, the LEP is able to offer disability awareness workshop to be delivered to you, if possible, at your premises.

A person with a disability should be able to speak to his/her employer or job coach freely without being pre-judged. Disability awareness is vital for sustaining employment and gives an employer or training provider a unique insight into what it is like to live with disabilities. This can often make their managerial/developmental role much simpler as he or she will better understand the day-to-day problems experienced by their employee or customer.

A person with a disability should be able to speak to his/her employer or job coach freely without being pre-judged

Our training helps employees and managers to understand those needs better and to communicate effectively to achieve positive outcomes for their business and the disabled person. This training is aimed at a wide range of organisations and individuals including: large employers, education and training agencies, public sector organisations, SMEs, HR managers, supervisors and those working alongside disabled people.

The core elements of this workshop

  • Awareness of the types of disability.
  • Practical advice and information on best practice for communicating with individuals with disabilities.
  • Increase your understanding about people across a range of disabilities.
  • Understand the key day-to-day issues facing people with chronic health conditions and how best to support them.
  • Increase your confidence when interacting with disabled people, including having a greater awareness of how best to communicate effectively.
  • Identify the major pieces of legislation relevant to people with disabilities.
  • The training will cover defining what actually counts as a disability? Many more people are classed as disabled under the Government’s definition than people think and can include a range of what are considered common health conditions.

Having undergone the training your staff will be more self-assured and able to give disabled people the same level of service that they give to everyone else. There is nothing in legislation to say that employers must provide this type of training, but they do have to ensure they meet their legal duties. If they don’t understand them, they can’t meet them.