Job Brokerage

Specialist job brokerage and employer engagement for training and employment organisations

London Enterprise Partnership have a wealth of experience in specialist job brokerage and employer engagement with a long and successful track record of working on multiple ESF, NOMS, SFA and London Councils’ contracts (our Employer Engagement Manager achieved in excess of 600 jobs for ex-offenders on a NOMS ESF programme running from 2013 to 2015).

We have experience of working with the “hardest to help” client group

If you are committed to helping people with complex needs find and sustain employment then we’d like to pass that knowledge on to you. We have experience of working with the “hardest to help” client group, particularly those with a history of offending or chronic health issues, with several major training providers.  Our experience means we can help you address individual complex needs whilst helping your organisation avoid the pitfalls and dangers of not meeting job outcome targets on statutory funded provision like ESF and the Work & Health Programme.

Our experience tells us that employer requirements fall into 4 main categories:

  1. Aptitude/ability
  2. Attitude
  3. Experience
  4. Qualifications

The exact mix and importance of each factor varies with the post and employer. We capture these requirements for each opportunity and can undertake the appropriate matching and prepare candidates accordingly.

We Offer

  • Staff training that meets your organisational needs and improve your job outcome rates.
  • To manage your company’s relationship with employers, for example, getting them together to meet your clients on a recruitment day.
  • Training on how to conduct initial assessments.
  • Advice on techniques to screen candidates to bring out the best in the learner.
  • Training on how to approach potential employers.
  • Training on how to deal with criminal convictions relevant to the role, particularly if not volunteered by the applicant.
  • Advice on dealing with evasiveness or unwillingness to provide information on the part of the candidate.

Employers want providers to work with them – to provide a business solution to their business problem. Effective screening of applicants, allied to suitably prepared, informed and interview-ready candidates, succeed in the job market.